Cliff and Lauren, although not from Nashville, first met in Nashville. They decided to have a surprise wedding with their close family and friends right here in Music City. It was a great celebration!

Early on that Saturday morning, I met Cliff and Lauren on the pedestrian bridge in Nashville. They were in full suit and wedding gown in about 30 degree weather. Although it was cold, the city was so peaceful at that time of day. It was also less crowded, which definitely helped with getting the shots we wanted.

The ceremony and reception that night was set to be held at a private room at Sinema. Sinema is housed in what used to be the historic Melrose Theater. The architectural design and decor of Sinema is inspired by the history of the theater. This venue in beautiful!

Guests arrived, thinking they were celebrating Lauren’s birthday, little did they know the ceremony was about to take place. Once everyone arrived, Lauren entered the room in her wedding gown. This wedding ceremony was so intimate and special.